Every year Spring Cove Marina reaffirms its commitment to the Maryland Clean Marina Initiative to protect our waterways by passing an inspection which verifies that we meet the strict pollution control measures. In addition, we have reduced our carbon footprint by, among other things, insulating our buildings, using fluorescent or LED bulbs, and installing low-water toilets. Please help us to preserve the Chesapeake Bay by being a Clean Boater (Please see our “Helpful Tips” section).


The Marina will determine if a boat needs to have the electric usage metered and will install the meter if necessary.  Metered customers will pay for electricity used at a rate determined by the marina.


You are required to provide the Marina a current Certificate of Insurance for your boat. Please ask your Insurance Agent to fax one to the Marina Office at 410-326-4187.


We have lockers of various sizes and prices ($84 to $240) available for annual rental. Please do not store any hazardous or flammable materials in the lockers. Dinghy storage racks are also available for $50 per year. Please check with the Office to see what is currently available. Any dinghies left on a rack without first being registered will be removed. There is also storage in the yard area for trailers or dinghies on trailers for $50 per month for Annual Slipholders. All trailers need to be registered with the Office. Larger boats on trailers can be stored on a monthly basis at our regular Dry Storage rate.


You are not restricted in the use of outside contractors to work on your boat while it is on the Marina’s property. However, the Marina is a private facility and reserves the right to restrict who comes onto the property and when they may come. Only reputable companies and individuals who have all the necessary insurance coverage will be allowed on the property. For your protection, contractors are required to sign in and out each time they come onto the property and have a current copy of the Contractor Rules. Outside contractors who do not have a current Certificate of Insurance on file with the Marina Office will not be allowed on the property, so please make sure they do before scheduling any work. Also for your own boat’s protection, it is recommended that you let the Marina Office know when you have someone scheduled to work on your boat.


If, after having committed to the slip for the year by signing the contract, you find that you do not need the slip, please let the Marina know in writing and we will put your slip on the Rental List. If we are successful in rerenting the slip prior to June 1st, we will refund any prepaid (prorated) slip rent to you, less 10% of the outstanding balance on the contract. If the slip is not rerented by June 1st, you are still responsible for the slip rent for the contract period.


If you need to have personal mail delivered to the marina, please contact the Marina Office to make arrangements. Personal mail may not be delivered using our PO Box. Packages and mail must be delivered via UPS or FedEx to our Street Address. Our local Post Office does not offer street delivery, so your personal mail cannot be delivered using USPS.


  1. Spring Cove Marina may possibly accommodate approximately up to 25 Transient Boats for a Rendezvous or Flotilla, but with only approximately 600 linear feet of T-Head space for boats over 42′.
  2. The Tent facility on the Northside of the picnic grounds will be reserved for the duration of the group’s stay if more than 5 boats reserve slips and if the Tent is available when the booking fee is received by the marina.
  3. We do not have facilities for dinghies or anchored boats.
  4. Guests may arrive by car/foot to join the Rendezvous/Flotilla, as long as there are more than 10 boats staying at the Marina. Guests not staying on a boat with a reserved slip are not permitted to use any of the Marina facilities other than the Tent and restroom facilities. Guests are only allowed on the Marina property during organized group activities. Guests arriving by car may only park in the visitor’s lot and grassy area outside the gate. Parking inside the marina can be made available for those with special needs. If guests are staying in one of the local hotels, the Holiday Inn to our North is recommended and provides the shortest walking distance to our Tent facility. The Marina reserves the right to limit the total number of guests.
  5. If there are fewer than 15 boats reserved for the Rendezvous, guests not staying on a boat may be subject to a per person charge, and/or if more than 30 guests are expected at the event, a per-day Tent RentalFee may be assessed. All fees and charges will be determined by the Marina on a per case basis.
  6. A Booking Deposit will be required at the time of booking to confirm the reservation for the Rendezvous/Flotilla. The total number of slips held for the group will be determined by the marina, and those slips will be held until 60 days prior to the reserved arrival date. Reservations must be confirmed by individual Captains with Boat information and a Credit Card Number, or by the Fleet Captain for the entire group with all the individual Boat, Captain, and Credit Card information. After the 60 day hold date, any remaining available Transient Slips will be available to all boaters.


Rules & Guidelines as they are found in our Annual Slip Contract
  1. When the Owner expects to have his boat out of its slip overnight, the Owner must notify the Marina in advance and the Marina may use that slip for other purposes during this period, the proceeds of which are exclusively for the account of the Marina. Failure to advise the Marina of overnight departure will constitute a default in terms of this lease.
  2. Owners may not transfer boats between slips without prior written permission of the Marina.
  3. Advertising or soliciting shall not be permitted on any boat within the Marina. Furthermore, neither the boat nor Marina address shall be used for business purposes.
  4. The Owner will keep all walkways & docks clear at all times. Painting, scraping, or repairing of gear shall not be permitted on the docks or finger piers. The owner must ensure that any work done to the Owner’s boat does not create a disturbance, endanger, damage, obstruct or deface the Marina facilities or other boats.
  5. The Marina reserves the right to limit and govern parking spaces in the Marina. Owners and their guests shall limit their overnight accommodation to the boat itself, and will not make use of trailers, recreational vehicles of any type or camping equipment on the Marina property.
  6. Refuse and garbage shall not be thrown overboard, instead, it must be deposited in the containers supplied for that purpose. No person shall discharge oil, spirits, in-flammable liquid, or oily bilges into the Marina. Used oil may be discarded into a tank provided for that purpose and located in the boatyard.
  7. Congeniality is a requisite for tenancy. Furthermore, noise shall be kept to a minimum at all times to avoid creating a nuisance or disturbance, and after 10 P.M., quiet time shall be strictly enforced.
  8. Swimming or diving shall not be permitted from the docks or finger piers and there shall be no fishing or crabbing from the docks.
  9. Pets are permitted only if they do not create any disturbance. Dogs must be leashed in the Marina east and south of the asphalt roadway. Owners must clean up after their pets. Pets are not allowed in the picnic areas.
  10. No dock boxes of any type or size will be permitted on the piers. No carpeting of any type will be permitted on the docks or pilings.
  11. Dinghies may only be left in the water if the owner is aboard the boat. At all other times, dinghies must be stored on the boat or on the Marina dinghy racks for which a small charge will be levied.
  12. Bicycles may only be ridden on roadways and may only be stored off the boat in the racks provided.
  13. In keeping with State guidelines, boat heads must not be discharged overboard while the boat is at the dock.
  14. The Owner must maintain his/her boat in a sound “Bristol”, and seaworthy condition. When this fails to occur and the Marina considers there to be a risk of sinking or fire hazard, the Marina may at its sole discretion give the Owner 30 days notice in writing in which to correct the problem(s). Failure to do so will represent a default in the terms of this lease.
  15. Open fires are not permitted within 50 feet of docks or boats and must be attended at all times.
  16. Tradesmen, servicemen, retailers, or agents will not be permitted to solicit business on the Marina grounds.
  17. Prior written notice must be given to the Marina by the Owner before outside service contractors will be permitted onboard the Owner’s boat. Also, all outside service contractors must provide evidence to the Marina of current liability insurance and workmen’s compensation insurance sufficient to insure against any potential damage to the Marina facilities and the boats in the Marina.
  18. No heaters or heating equipment of any type may be left unattended on any vessel.
  19. The electrical supply to the boats and piers may be interrupted at any time for a variety of reasons. The Marina will therefore not be responsible for the spoilage of food or any other damage caused by said interruptions. For this reason, it is advised that perishable food not be left aboard.
  20. The Complimentary WiFi is intended as a convenience for customers to stay connected and not as a vehicle for entertainment purposes. Continuous connectivity is neither promised nor guaranteed. A complimentary hard-wire connection is normally available in the Captain’s Lounge for faster downloads.
  21. Vehicles and trailers may only be left in the parking lot long term with prior permission and payment of applicable storage fees.
  22. Owner’s guests, other than immediate family, on the Marina property, will be limited to four. Larger parties may be allowed, no more than twice per year, if pre-arranged with the Marina, and are subject to the current Guest Policy. Please contact the office for details.
  23. Year-round liveaboards are not permitted.


  1. For the purposes of these “Guest Policies”, Guests are defined as people on the Marina property who are neither immediate family, nor actually staying (or crewing) on the boat. “Marina Property” is the entire property, including the Yacht Club tent, Boatyard, and all docks.
  2. A Slipholder (Annual or Monthly), may have up to 4 guests at any time and may have more than 4 guests but fewer than 20, no more often than twice per year, under the following conditions:
    1). Prior, written consent from the marina must be obtained.
    2). A $10 per person fee applies for guests 5 – 20 for parties held on weekends or holidays in season. (Memorial – Labor Day weekends)
    3). Only 4 guests at a time will be allowed at the pool or pool bar. Guest armbands must be worn.
    4). Either tent may be reserved (if available) for an additional fee of $50 for up to 4 hours, except on Holiday weekends. (Spring Cove Yacht Club members may be exempt from this fee for the Y.C. tent).
  3. A party of more than 20 guests may be allowed at certain times of the year with prior marina consent and the payment of the per person fee.
    The Marina Tent is available for the enjoyment of all annual or monthly slip holders in good standing at any time for no charge whenever it has not been reserved by a slip holder under the terms above, or by the Marina for a visiting Yacht Club or Transient group.
  4. The tent will be reserved by the Marina on all 3 holiday weekends for all Annual slip holders to enjoy equally.
  5. A group made up entirely of Annual slip holders (which might include monthly transients) may reserve the tent for no charge.
  6. Visiting overnight Transients’ use of all Marina facilities is limited to the Crew sleeping on the boat, or a day boat with a maximum of four people.
  7. The Tent may only be reserved for Transient boaters if there are 5 or more boats in the group.



  • The #1 thing you can do for the environment is to keep the bilges in your boat clean and free of oil. To soak up the hydrocarbons use Oil Zorb pads, socks and pillows in the bilge and change them frequently.
  • Be careful not to overfill your fuel tanks when fueling your boat.
  • Please use the central vacuum pump-out system regularly to keep sewage out of the water.
  • Always choose boat cleaning products that are safer for the environment. We sell many biodegradable boat soaps and other products in the Ship’s Store that are formulated without phosphates or other harsh chemicals.
  • Please make use of our Recycling Centers which include oil, antifreeze and batteries as well as plastics, cans, glass and cardboard. PUMP-OUT: Spring Cove Marina has a self-service central vacuum pump-out system available from most slips. Hydrants are located along the docks, and the hoses are stored on reels at the head of each dock. Please do not hesitate to ask one of the dockhands if you ever need assistance.
  • Begin by pressing the “ON” button on one of the remote switches on your dock. It will take several minutes for the pump to build the necessary vacuum. *Connect a hose to the hydrant nearest your boat. Make sure the valve on the nozzle is closed and then open the valve on the hydrant (after several minutes have passed). *Insert the nozzle into your deck fitting and then open the valve.
  • The pump will run for 5 to 7 minutes – plenty of time to clear out the tank.
  • The holding tank is empty when the sight-glass is clear. Flush the hose by dropping the nozzle into the water. Allow a small amount of air into the system to empty the hose of water. This will make it easier to put away.
  • Close both valves, and return the hose to the head of the dock. Please note that if there is little or no suction, someone else might be using the same pump or a valve has been left open. “A”, “B” and “H” docks are on pump one; “C” and “D” docks are on pump two; “E”, Shed, and “G” docks are on pump three.


  • Every boat in the Marina will have to be winterized as we do not allow any heaters of any kind to be left unattended.
    Please note:
  • Leave room for expansion when topping off your fuel tank. Expanding fuel will pour out of the vents on the first warm day, causing a hazardous situation. We sell various fuel additives formulated for today’s E10 fuel and stabilizers for extended storage in the Ship’s Store.
  • Our Shrinkwrap prices include a recycling fee. Shrinkwrap may not be disposed of in the dumpsters – it must be recycled.
  • Don’t forget to empty your refrigerator and galley cupboards – cans and bottles will freeze.
  • If you are doing an oil change, please dispose of the used oil in our Used Oil Containers in the boatyard area.
  • Sailboats must have their roller-furling sails removed prior to haul-out.
  • Boats on shore may not be left plugged in to any electrical outlet.
  • In the event of a tropical storm in our area, the following tips can help you prepare your boat.
  • Remove all canvas, sails, biminis, covers, etc. and store below.
  • Secure all loose items on deck such as dinghies, boat hooks, etc.
  • Double lines where possible. Use all available pilings, avoiding the use of cleats on the dock. When tying to a piling, wrap the line at least twice around the pole, and then use two or three half hitches to secure the line. Do not use a clove hitch around the pole. Make the lines as long as possible (use neighbor’s pilings on the dock) to allow for tidal surge, but not slack enough to allow the boat to move around in the slip too much. Allow for adjustment of your lines from the dock. If extreme conditions are expected, it will be acceptable to take lines across the dock. Make the spring lines almost as long as the boat – in other words bring the lines from the outside poles all the way towards the stern of your boat (if you are backed in), and from the dock carry the spring lines well forward, and make them all fairly taut.
  • Disconnect your boat from shore power – turn everything off except your bilge pump. All power to the docks will be turned off if the rising tide warrants it.
  • If your water hose is wrapped around the pole in such a way as to interfere with adjusting the dock lines, please remove the hose and stow it.
  • The Marina is not responsible for your boat. However, if you are out of town and cannot easily get to your boat, please call us and we will do everything we can to help you. We will be walking the docks and doing what we can in any event, but our resources are limited.
  • If conditions warrant, all boats will be evacuated – the Lounge will be made available for anyone wanting to stay at the Marina, but it is not recommended.
  • We do not have a Hurricane Haul-Out list.
  • When you are ready to be hauled, phone the office and request a haul-out. Do not phone until you are ready to be hauled. We do not reserve space ahead of time.
  • Haul-Out requests are dealt with on a first-come basis and you will be added to the haul-out schedule when you contact the office. Phoning in a request does not guarantee that you will be hauled, especially if you have waited too long.
Please Note:
  • We can only haul between 10 and 15 boats in a day in perfect weather. We can only haul boats while conditions allow – winds under about 20mph
  • Haul, Block and Launch cost for Annual Slipholders is $19/ft. (If double slinging is required, the cost is $24/ft.). No boats will be washed. This includes Marina personnel getting your boat to the lift well, either towing or under power.  ****YOU MUST PROVIDE KEYS****
  • Non Spring Cove Marina Slipholders – please call for pricing and availability.
  • Roller-furling sails must be removed prior to hauling. If you request the marina to do this, there will be a $100 charge and the sails will not be folded but pushed down below. This charge does not include putting sails back on. If a sail is unable to be removed, the boat will not be hauled.